Cointemporary exhibits digital artworks (files) which can be purchased for bitcoin. Every work has an entry on the Blockchain where it can be tracked and ownerships are transferred. Think of it as a Bitcoin address: The owner of a private key is the owner of the corresponding digital artwork (file). We use to manage the artworks.

Here is a short clip of the process and an outtake from a panel where it was first presented.

Purchasing Digital Editions

Click the price if you want to buy an artwork.

All we need is your name and email address. On the right: Bread BTC Wallet on iOS.

The actual BTC transaction. The work is now sold.

Transferring ownership using

After we received your order, we log into our Ascribe Account and transfer the ownership to the given email address.

This is the list of editions. Each work has it’s own entry (ID) on the blockchain.

For each entry detailed information such as technical data, ownership, provenience and more is available.

We enter your email address end authenticate the transfer.

The work is now transferred.

View the entry for the work from the documentation at

Receiving a digital work

After your purchase you will get an email from Ascribe and Cointemporary.

We will send you the file.

And Ascribe has created an account for you. Just sign up to claim the work.

Once you’re logged in, you will find the digital certificate of authenticity and can consign and transfer the work to others.