Cointemporary.com is an artist run and curated online platform that showcases a diverse range of artworks by international contemporary artists. The platform is dedicated to one artwork for a period of ten days, with the aim of allowing the work to carve out its own space in the Internet. The artworks can be purchased for a fixed Bitcoin (BTC) price—independent of the current exchange rate. Whenever an artwork is sold, or when the ten day period is up, a new artwork by a different artist will appear.
 The project was started by artists Valentin Ruhry and Andy Boot, and developed in consultation with Coinfinity.

Digital Artworks and Editions on Cointemporary

Cointemporary exhibits digital artworks (including editions) by international contemporary artists, which can be purchased for Bitcoin. Each artwork is a digital file that is protected through a cryptographic certificate of authenticity by using Ascribe to form a unique entry on the Blockchain. This method is like a secure, transparent ledger that tracks the chain of ownership and verifies the title of digital property through its individual address.

Following Cointemporary’s existing platform, each unique work or edition is on display for a limited time and sold in Bitcoin only. Works that are sold will acquire an entry in the Blockchain through Ascribe.io.

View documentation of digital editions.


The artists on Cointemporary represent the diversity of contemporary art. While you will find photographers and painters on Cointemporary, our curatorial goal is to exhibit not only artists who work with more traditional mediums, but also artists whose work crosses disciplinary boundaries. You will find installation and video work, as well as more ephemeral sculpture work on the site, and in each instance the platform of showing a single work remains in place.
 When possible we seek to communicate directly with each artist we work with and make sure they have full-knowledge of our project.


Beat Streuli
Ilja Karilampi
Ida Ekblad
Jackson Slattery
Larissa Lockshin
Anetta Mona Chişa & Lucia Tkáčová
Damon Zucconi
Assaf Gruber
Philipp Timischl
Max Schaffer
Martin Erik Andersen
Alice Browne
Zuriel Waters
Eirik Sæther
Tillman Kaiser
Skye Chamberlain
Aurel Schmidt
Marita Fraser
Polly Apfelbaum
James Deutsher
Amy Brener
Nathan Baker
Vittorio Brodman
Alexander Tovborg
Robin Seir
Jonny Niesche
Robert Wechsler
Keith J. Varadi
Klaus Schuster
Harm van den Dorpel
Valentin Ruhry
Dan Perjovschi
Angelika Loderer
Nicolas Chardon
Julian Palacz
Sebastian Schmieg


Cointemporary resembles traditional galleries in its dedication to one artist and limited exhibition time, but the goal is to place the artist’s work in a broader global visual context free from the hegemonic monetary system in which contemporary art is embedded. Cointemporary establishes a platform for showcasing contemporary artistic practice and tendencies and aims to stimulate discussion beyond typical art world rhetoric. This is the reason why BTC functions as the only payment method; the ongoing discussion of the intrinsic value of this new currency and its high volatility disables the current basis of valuation in the art market. BTC represents a decentralized online payment network and a new form of autonomy in the global monetary system, which does not yet exist in a similar fashion in the art world.


Artworks are usually stored with our partner galleries or the artists. The location of each artwork is indicated along with the artwork’s description. Shipping options depend on size, material, and location. Cointemporary will provide shipping only if expressly indicated, in which case the shipping costs will be added during the checkout process (and arranged offline). In all other cases, the purchaser must arrange shipping of the artwork or pick up the artwork at the indicated location.
 Cointemporary can recommend Kunsttrans for shipping, who also accept BTC.
Please read our Terms and Conditions for detailed information.


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